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Featuring Representational Southwestern Art

Western imagery abounds in Barry Sapp's luminous paintings. From his studio in Tucson, Arizona, Barry paints scenes reflecting the culture and history of the Southwest and Mexico that feature horses, burros, Native American dancers, pueblos, cliff dwellings, Mexican markets, and of course, the legendary cowboy.

Through dynamic and bold techniques, Barry Sapp develops a unique and appealing atmosphere in his watercolor and acrylic paintings, inviting the viewer to become an active participant, rather than a passive observer.

His palette is a broad one creating unique, luminous color schemes to capture the ambiance and quintessential spirit of his subjects. His paintings come alive with light. "I like the luminosity of watercolor," he says, "That attribute distinguishes watercolor form all other mediums."

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cliff dwelling paintingCliff dwelling

What's New--

Mountain Oyster Club Selections

Barry has had 3 works selected to show at the Mountain Oyster Club's 45th Annual Contemporary Western Art Show and Sale. The Mountain Oyster Art Show is one of the oldest and best known contemporary western art shows in the country. This year, the show will be held November 23.
See the other selections and more new works by Barry




San Dimas Western Art Exhibition
Barry won the Gold Award for the Watercolor/Acrylic division at the 38th Annual Western Art Exhibition & Sale in San Dimas, CA on April 25-27, 2014 for the painting "Mixed Kachina Dance" 24 X 18 acrylic on canvas.




Barry Sapp Joins a Prestigeous Group of Atists
Barry was inducted as an Honorary Artist Member of the Mountain Oyster Club. His painting, "Long Hair Kachina" became part of the club's permanent collection.

At present there are 81 Honorary Artist Members in this prestigious organization including among others, Harley Brown, Tom Hill, Buck McCain, John Fawcett, William Matthews, and Lawrence Lee.



Take a Look at the New Watercolor and
Acrylic Painting by Barry Sapp


"Boundary Dispute" 22 X 28 acrylic on canvas
Mountain Oyster Club Show selection



"Mixed Kachina Dance" 24 X 18 acrylic on canvas
Gold Award for the Watercolor/Acrylic Division



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