Native Americans in Watercolor

Native Americans in Watercolor 2019-11-15T00:16:04+00:00

“First Mesa Snake Dance”
30 X 24 watercolor
50th Annual Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show Selection – Nov 24, 2019.

“The Sacred Headdress”
22 X 28  watercolor
Best of Show, 2019 SAWG Annual Show
Won Wayne S. Julien Award at the 44th Annual Exhibition – Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Societies – May 1-31 2019 in San Diego CA

“Head Of State”
28 X 22 watercolor

“Monarch of the Plains” 28 X 22 w/c  (Best of Show, 2019 SAWG Signature Show)

Little Corn Dancer
18 X 14 watercolor and acrylic

“Navajo Grandfather”
18 X 14 watercolor

“Makers of Rain” 28 X 22 watercolor & acrylic – Won Best of Show, SAWG 50th Annual Show

“Healer With Great Power” Won Best of Show at the 2016 SAWG Signature Show & took the People’s Choice Award

“Fancy Shawl Dancer” Best of Show at the 2017 SAWG Annual Show

“Portrait Of A Snake Priest”
24 X 18 watercolor

“Proud Heritage”
18 X 14 watercolor

“Red Crow”
18 X 14 watercolor