Native Americans in Watercolor

Native Americans in Watercolor 2021-11-15T22:41:20+00:00

“Mixed Kachina Dancers”

  28X22 watercolor

51st Annual Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“A Prayer For Rain”
28X22 watercolor
52nd Annual Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“Apache Renegade”
18X14 watercolor

“First Mesa Snake Dance”
30 X 24 watercolor
50th Annual Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show Selection – Nov 24, 2019.

“The Sacred Headdress”
22 X 28  watercolor
Best of Show, 2019 SAWG Annual Show
Won Wayne S. Julien Award at the 44th Annual Exhibition – Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Societies – May 1-31 2019 in San Diego CA

“Head Of State”
28 X 22 watercolor

“Monarch of the Plains” 28 X 22 w/c  (Best of Show, 2019 SAWG Signature Show)

Little Corn Dancer
18 X 14 watercolor and acrylic

“Navajo Grandfather”
18 X 14 watercolor

“Makers of Rain” 28 X 22 watercolor & acrylic – Won Best of Show, SAWG 50th Annual Show

“Healer With Great Power” Won Best of Show at the 2016 SAWG Signature Show & took the People’s Choice Award

“Fancy Shawl Dancer” Best of Show at the 2017 SAWG Annual Show

“Portrait Of A Snake Priest”
24 X 18 watercolor

“Proud Heritage”
18 X 14 watercolor

“Red Crow”
18 X 14 watercolor

“Plains Warrior” 28×22 wc

“Hemis Kachinas-Nimanmuya”

“Sioux Warrior” 12X9 wc

“Mud head Rascals” 18×14 wc

“The Old Scout” 18X14 wc

“Snake Dance At Walpi” 28X22 watercolor

“Palhik’ Mana Dance” 22 X 28 watercolor

“Hopi Butterfly Dancers” 28X22 wc

“Walks In Honor ” 14X11 wc