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“Tex Turns The Leaders”
24 X 18 watercolor

“Turning The Leaders”
24 X 18 mixed media

“Rough String Rider”
12 X 9 watercolor

“Hoot To The Rescue”
24X18 watercolor
51st Annual Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“Brush Popping” 28 X 22 watercolor

“Ridin’ The Rough String”
24X18 watercolor
2020 Mountain Oyster Club Honorary Artist Member Show Selection

 “Buck Saves The Day”
28 X 22 watercolor
Selected for the 50th Annual Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show
Nov 24, 2019.

“Keet Seel” 24×12 ac

“The Big Stampede” 24×18 wc

“Stampede” 24 X 18 w/c
Mountain Oyster Club Show Selection

“Dusty’s Near Wreck”
24X18 watercolor
52nd Annual Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“Hare-Raising Episode”
28 X 22 watercolor – (Sold Commission)

“Buckaroo” 14 X 11 watercolor

“Bunch Quitters” 18X14 wc

“The Bunch Quitters”
24 X 18 watercolor – Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“Eye On The Prize” 22×28 wc

“Pioneers of the Desert” 22 X 28 watercolor

“The Barrel Racer” 14 X 18 watercolor

“Nestled Among The Rocks” 18X14 wc

“Patrolling The Ridge” 22 X 28 watercolor

“Tigres Del Desierto”
18 X 14 acrylic on canvas

“Old Adobe Hideout” 13 X 19 watercolor

“Star Packers” 22 X 28 watercolor

“Stage To Tucson” 22 X 28 watercolor