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“Hoot To The Rescue”
24X18 watercolor
51st Annual Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“Ridin’ The Rough String”
24X18 watercolor
2020 Mountain Oyster Club Honorary Artist Member Show Selection

“Dusty’s Near Wreck”
24X18 watercolor
52nd Annual Mountain Oyster Club Selection

 “Buck Saves The Day”
28 X 22 watercolor
Selected for the 50th Annual Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show
Nov 24, 2019.

“Brush Popping” 28 X 22 watercolor

“Keet Seel” 24×12 ac

“The Big Stampede” 24×18 wc

“Stampede” 24 X 18 w/c
Mountain Oyster Club Show Selection

“Hare-Raising Episode”
28 X 22 watercolor – (Sold Commission)

“Buckaroo” 14 X 11 watercolor

“Bunch Quitters” 18X14 wc

“The Bunch Quitters”
24 X 18 watercolor – Mountain Oyster Club Selection

“Eye On The Prize” 22×28 wc

“Pioneers of the Desert” 22 X 28 watercolor

“The Barrel Racer” 14 X 18 watercolor

“Nestled Among The Rocks” 18X14 wc

“Patrolling The Ridge” 22 X 28 watercolor

“Tigres Del Desierto”
18 X 14 acrylic on canvas

“Old Adobe Hideout” 13 X 19 watercolor

“Star Packers” 22 X 28 watercolor

“Stage To Tucson” 22 X 28 watercolor